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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

We found PASSY’s new sound and they are the first pay sounds SCi CO has used! They add up fast. Good thing we are near the end here. The scene is looking much improved with the new sound fx. We have a nice ambience with the music selection for the car scene before the ZOMBIE PASSY beach transmogrification. The music is “(Deep Down) Eridu” which is a song Dana wrote years ago with SpazborealiS, a song recorded by Gus Zeising in Burlington, VT with Craig Parker Adams handling the mix in his L.A. studio. The song precedes the Craig Parker Adams cameo appearance and the next song playing behind him there is Dana’s “My Sunshine” with Gregory Slay drumming (RIP God Bless Gregory). Craig’s solo guitar sequence is selected for a private joke between Dana and Craig about how it was recorded, and it suits the scene wonderfully. We’re up to the sextet beginning now with just some Voice Over to catch up to for PASSY.


The sound isolation situation has been taken care of with more creativity and an even lower-fi situation. It’s a solution which will work and it’s cheap, there’s no alteration to furniture or walls or anything else, it’s portable. So we’re in business on recording the Voice Overs now after quite a lot of struggle to get it accomplished. The VO’s will be very clean with no echo or room noise, recorded with the same boom mic used for the rest of the higher quality audio of the motion picture.


Dana has composed a 1 minute ballet fantasy for a model! Here is a clip of the demo:


Tomorrow we’ll start to get through the sextet and the ZOMBIE sequence, seeing how far we can go in one day before the HOTEL scene starts (end of the film).