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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

We spent a good bit of time hunting down a very small and barely noticeable sound. Still not having found it, we’re going through pay libraries as expected and will be functioning with that where necessary. Even inexpensive pay libraries can add up to a large bill extremely fast, thus we are being economical as possible but not skimping anywhere. The film is so close it will be likely under $100 in new sounds to get done, the free libraries were scoured for countless hours to get the perfect sounds.


Dana is going to be restful for the remainder of the year, nothing too exciting is being sought out for him in his medical routine. The bruises to his chest and back take over a year to heal because of the cartilage and kind of muscle the areas of impact are recovering from. The damage was equated to a car injury. The police are being reviewed presently for any misconduct and the loss of SCi CO related property which is on video being heisted to some degree by the cops after their attempt on Dana’s life.


Dana’s jazz guitar album was delayed in recording because of a fuzz pedal defect but it’s beginning this weekend. This will be recording off and on from Dana’s home studio over the next month or so. The other classical album release called “Bach In Socket” is almost composed entirely, we’re working on Invention 14 now. There will be a slight adjustment if necessary to any of the compositions (probably not) and then the album will be released in various forms.


We’ll be slowly adding to the sound editing per day this month, our behind the scenes turbulence has settled and we’re probably going to be pretty stable for the rest of the ride. It’s up to Dana’s determination and ability to get the work done at a steady pace while dealing with the medical fallout of physical trauma by Portland Police beating him and seizing SCi CO property.