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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

SCi CO is dealing with a lot behind the scenes. Dana’s recovery is ongoing, predicted to be up to 18 months by the Doctors. He is only able to do so much but the film is still the number one priority. Though it could seem on the surface that SCi CO is selecting to devote less time to the film for working on other projects, the reality is that we must have things ready and stabilized in order to devote the amount of labor and time it takes to do the soundwork. The psychological obstacles discussed in SCi CO newsletters or private emails are another problem but despite all of that, the actual creative process and the work itself for sound editing generally takes a lot of hours crammed into long work periods. That continues day after day in a rhythm, somewhat like recording an album if you are a musical artist where you pick up momentum and keep it going. Thus we wanted to be in a good position to do everything needed.


The relocation to The Netherlands is being prepared for right now. Nothing is 100% but SCi CO is being reviewed by a startup facilitator in Amsterdam now. If we get to the next step, there will be a lot of discussion on the practicals of working in The Netherlands. The help would be enormous for SCi CO and we could expect to get a lot of help for the millions of things needed to publish many works in various forms of media. This will be fairly soon if it occurs but the film is going to be complete in its final basic sound cut before the relocation. We will be competing in festivals of course in The Netherlands, will try and negotiate for whatever deals we can to make money for our talent and investors.


We are working through the car scene with PASSY and VIOLETZ right now. This is leading into the Craig Parker Adams cameo with FLAV and then the sextet scene where PASSY becomes a ZOMBIE. The scene is strong and the bytes being put in are definitely working. It’s not a huge load thus far but we’ll be getting to some heavier work with the ZOMBIE part, where the morphing of PASSY takes place mostly with sound fx then later digital flashes of colored light, smoke… SCi CO is using a new paid sound library for when we find ourselves short on a good sound to use. This is from exhausting the tens of thousands of clips in sound libraries for free online, which are great for a bulk of the work but we’ll be going back and glossing it up before the final sound print.


This is the last major scene before some basic VO work and additional foley/music which is left to be accomplished in a few scenes, a few minutes total of screen time. The replacement of TJ Pelham’s dialogue will be a large task, there’s several actors ready to go or Dana may dub it himself. But the workload is something that Dana would have been able to do in a week or two at most at the previous pace. We’re not rushing here but will be back to the steady pace of a daily ground, at least a couple of hours each day but many more if we can.