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Return to Work - SCI CO

Return to Work

Posted by Dana Phelps

Dana has had some medical issues to attend to (we’re still in recovery here!) and also is doing a lot to get SCi CO Media to The Netherlands, dealing with financial re-organization and general life. We’ve set ourselves up once again to do a stretch of work and it could be to the end of the sextet scene, i.e. the last of the main content. We have some additional stuff to add in the restaurant scene, the bridge and the Lumberjack scene but otherwise we are mainly ‘there’.


Right now Dana has been using his restful time to compose the remaining pieces for the Bach In Socket project! In fact, BachInSocket.Com is being launched soon with a full interactive storefront. We are moving the product through online publishers mainly so we can make payments a lot less expensive for SCi CO to handle, but we are going to be officially selling Bach In Socket march within a couple of weeks! If the songs ‘chart’ then we’ll get a write up in some trade papers. Bach In Socket got 431 plays or so today, writing this at 9pm. Yesterday was 361 total. These are pretty good numbers for putting them up on Soundcloud and having no press or promotion whatsoever.


We’ll be starting back up tonight on the sound work. The workload is comfortable and it will definitely help Dana to get closer to the goal because it’s not helping Dana’s health exactly to keep this film inside. We need it to be released so we can all move on and hopefully make some money. SCi CO will be interested in a deal to get the film distributed but the ambitions of SCi CO are really shying away from video/film production in favor of music, novels, perhaps at some point interactive media.