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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

Karmen’s / VIOLET’s lines are being inserted into the car scene outside the beach where PASSY becomes a ZOMBIE. These Voice Overs were recorded two years ago or so and we thought they were in place, but they are being stuck in the right position. This is fun to choose from her performances and we’re seeing the scene work come together wonderfully! There is a blemish on the video, which is something SCi CO has discussed in great detail within past updates on our previous website — it’s just a dark blotch on the lens, a lens spot. This came as a result of our DP recommending we don’t clean the sensor before shooting and wouldn’t you know it, that one date we had a problem with the sensor that we didn’t check for anything. This is going to wind up being a very large sign of the teeny weeny budget this film had for production and hopefully will be one of those things actually attracting investors from larger movie companies who hunt for films which need overhauls! If the quality is good of the film making, acting and there’s just a technical issue with it, there needs to be special fx and custom titling, maybe even a recording of some of Dana’s orchestral works with studio musicians for a Soundtrack album release… But anyway, we’re finding it to be a very entertaining adventure to select Karmen Spiller’s performances with the scene in the car where PASSY becomes doggie like with VIOLETZ shoving a bone shaped biscuit in his mouth and telling him to essentially fetch the artifact.


One of the beauties of the scene for post on sound is that we have an original sextet for the music already in place! This is exciting. The masterful job our *student* sextet leader did is worthy of respect around the world, we feel. He did a fine job in a very short time with musicians who are not supposed to be ready to pull off such a professional job. If the people who do not appreciate classical musicianship knew how much work and skill it takes to be able to play even the slowed down, slightly watered version of the original “Razor Clams!!!” Sextet they would probably marvel at the Berklee students rendition. IT was done between finals pretty much after a few mere weeks of preparation. And on top of it the recording is good. It was intended to sound totally insanely chaotic, echoing of major Horror films but sort of tongue in cheek, then it’s supposed to be fun, break free and be sort of like a springy object or –killer clam! This gives us a need only to do foley and special fx sound with background stuff. This is zombie sounds, monster stuff and Karmen’s reaction from the car.


We have some of the most interesting videography here with the belief from SCi CO (ok Dana believes this) that maybe some real life UFO’s were helping us out! Because a random doggie was on the street and arranged her or himself with Karmen onset which goes with the videography in a way only a multmillion dollar budget could have tried to set up in advance. There’s a shadow dace with the dog and a tree while Karmen gazes out mystically into the murky depths of the beach where her lover is now turning into a monster! She’s too cool for school but mesmerizingly sort of fascinated and eerily interested in what the F is happening right in front of her. We got some special stuff that day and though there is a small technical hangup or two, the scene we are winding up with is quite complimentary to the acting and screenplay. As a film maker, this particular little vignette with Karmen, the doggie and the tree, the beach, etc. has the most accomplished work for videography.