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Upate - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

SCi CO had to take some time off over the last few days to get some things together. We are working on a relocation to The Netherlands! This is not a sure thing at all at this point and won’t be very immediate if it occurs, but SCi CO has reached out for a program that involves innovative business startups and residence permits. Also Dana had to rest a bit more, he is still in recovery from police injuries. A major event happened financially with the situation at SCi CO here recently which required a lot of attention and time to resolve– we’re still a fledgling company and are barely keeping things afloat! We’re on solid ground again and waking up to the return of post/sound work. The soundproofing is going to need only one more day to be functional completely, we’re already at a point where we could start to work with it but it will be a lot more practical with a few more hours work. We’ve had to do a soundproof job in an apartment where we cannot even put pins in the wall because of the kind of brick it is and we cannot make any other alterations, hence it’s tape/cardboard/soundproof stuff and our creativity. We have rigged something up for the vocal booth which should work fine. Dana is also beginning on a sideline venture for Voice Over jobs, just to see if SCi CO can earn revenue that way for its projects.


Where we are in the film now is Craig Parker Adams studio. CPA or “Sweet C” as he is known inside the industry (because he is such a sweetheart of a human being you wouldn’t believe it) is amazing. The guy can act. He probably never did any acting in his life but he comes off as a guy who spent his whole life on the stage, in front of the camera, etc. It’s incredible. We did reach out to Eddie Van Halen and his clan there to see if he’d be interested in making a cameo, we were turned down using some of Craig’s personal pictures with stars. ┬áThe sextet scene with the zombie transformation, then the hotel scene with Passy Zombie and Violetz, probably the best overall scene of the movie actually because 1100% of the camera work, sound work is excellent and the makeup is beyond belief good, plus Karmen Spiller is so hilarious that she could get like an Oscar for comedy if it were a possible nomination. It’s really an awesome performance. Then a brief scene in a restaurant and we’re home. We have three scenes to add to, clean up a bit and stuff Voice Overs in…then we will be refining and perfecting the entire series of sequences.


SCi CO wants a release soon for so many reasons but we are only able to go so quick! The amount of work into this picture is in a way honored by the amount of time it’s taking to get it done. When we are done with this 10.5 minute block of sound editing, it will represent the last of the main creative sound work. We’ll have just that small bit left to tie up in two scenes for Voice overs and then it’s a bit of polishing and we’re gone. It’s already in a condition which could be released to some festivals, it’d probably fare well enough that people might not feel its missing much but with just a touch more work it has a solid possibility as a contender! Some of these smaller festivals will see our film as polished, moneyed, highly professional compared with theirs and many or most will probably view us as barely getting to a point where it can compete with a serious production in terms of technical command. We have some of the more powerful acting we’ve ever seen in a micro-budgeted indie picture, particularly for a first time director/producer of a feature (ok and let’s face it, we’re trying to ‘pass’ it off that we have a crew behind the scenes but we pretty much had a sound guy).


SCi CO has realized that there will be a need to invest in technical cleanup even more than before. This comes as a result of the projector revealing with a 6′ screen that shakiness problems are a lot more visible. The SLICK PRODUCER FLAV ZEALOUS SINGER scene was the first or second scene filmed with the new camera, the second or third after our first date. The camera work is fairly wild compared with the commanding grace comparatively for the last scenes, like the ACTIVISTS clam attack or the ZOMBIE HOTEL scene. But we’re not in bad shape, it’s just a bit noticeable in a few shots. And this is quite fixable, Dana knew at the time he did the filming that some moments would require digital touchup in post so that it would be a usable shot, we had one camera and were fly by night sort of operation. So with post out of the way, we’ll begin to put a lot of emphasis actually on cleanup even possibly before doing special fx. That will be determined by budget and timeline, possibly getting a GoFundMe for the special fx. If we do that, it’s a very strong likelihood we can get some offers from talented post production special fx artists who can clean up, brighten, crispen, make more smooth, etc. our little wonky picture.

We’ve taken care of what’s required to put is back into position to get to work on post again this week. We’ll be focusing on this instead of most other tasks. SCi CO Music was going to begin work on a jazz guitar album with the genius of Joe Armenio backing Dana up (Joe is a writer and performer in Oregon with 40 years live music experience, he writes keyboard songs). But the Washington based fuzz guitar fx pedal that Dana bought for the album with Joe was delivered non-working, we’ll have to wait a couple of weeks to get that in there. During this interim the only musical musical stuff Dana probably will focus on is the Bach In Socket stuff and ┬ámotion picture we have together.


SCi CO wants to thank those behind the scenes with texts and emails, personal visits for all the encouragement, love and support here. Dana has survived but it’s obviously a lot more harrowing than a typical indie film making venture, something dangerous to begin with. There’s no thoughts of another movie at this point, Dana would only do another picture with a huge amount of financing and the same power to control the content. It’s going to appear like a mini-scale budget indie film even with some fancy special digital fx additions later on.

We’re not interested in giving estimates on completion anymore for date but we’d like to get the first release out during the summer, by end of summer. Even it if it’s a rough cut with no fixes or upgrades on the digital fx. If the film is successful with audiences we can expect to get help with the rest. The release will be economical and functional for the contractual obligation and to honor the actors careers for their support with SCi CO with IMDB, some press, etc.


So here we go! We’re off and running on the final scene work as of today and SCi CO is dedicating nearly all its professional time to this. Dana has composed #7 and 8 Invention accompaniments for the ‘Bach In Socket’ album, which will accompany the release of this motion picture. There’s a large amount of work to do for sound editing in this scene but we’ve got new sound libraries (might touch up the other work with them in fact), we’re experienced now with the process and there’s not going to be a sound collage which has a mountain of stacked sound files , such as the ACTIVISTS clam attack sequence. This will be simple foley, some monster stuff, supportive background, music and that’s about it. We made this the last task because it’s one of the least demanding for sound work.

Shuke’s War is on the back burner right now with the film needing to be completed. When that is finalized, the book will become the main focus to get the editing done and the release out. The editing work is actually minimal left to be done on that with the re-writes mostly out of the way. Page 60-220s are solid in their construction because Dana wasn’t aware he was writing a novel for the first 60! Our editor agrees and we want that out by the end of the year, but it might be only a couple of weeks or something after the film. It’s not going to be a huge amount of work, we just need to dedicate to the film first. That may become a screenplay and SCi CO properties such as ‘Clams…” will be boosted if it’s a popular read somehow.


The Portland Police Review Board is about to make a decision it appears, to the Internal Affairs investigator has submitted her paperwork for the final decision, however long this takes. We have a video and Dana is consulting with injury attorneys, property attorneys and soon with civil rights attorneys for a settlement. This will not make him able to recover but will make things more comfortable and make a relocation, recovery easier. Lawsuits can take years, there’s no guarantee even with a video and they’re not worth as much as they are on TV. But there might be something because the cops almost killed Dana for what appears the use of non violent citizen arrest, at the point they attacked him. ‘NO CITIZEN ARREST!’ That is a threat I guess according to those ‘officers’. We’re not sure they were real PPB at this point either, they invaded SCi CO Studios and took over the publishing while Dana was gone, there were about 13 cops floating around with psych team people sitting on the stairs watching like a concert goer.


Aside from all this, the film itself is just as fun as before only it’s a bit more delicious because we’ve got some new Bach, we’re able to really appreciate it more and it’s fun to see old friends. Craig and Dana recorded with Gregory Slay (RIP God Bless you Gregory). Gregory drums on tracks back in 2002 or so when D was in Hollywood on a deal with Winslow Court Studios to produce tracks. We’ll wind up putting these into the movie in this scene probably as the background music in C’s studio when the Skype sort of conversation is taking place. That’s to balance the ZEALOUS SINGER background music and others such as Bach and the instrumental version of ‘Play A Little’ in FLAV’s music studio.