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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

SCi CO is solving the sound isolation problem now for the Voice Over recordings needing to be done for completion of “Clams..!!!”. This has taken a lot of creativity and some trial and error, but the solution is economical, simple and will be functional within the next several days. This will be enough to do basic voice recordings with no noise or room echo problems.


SCi CO has also recently upgraded to a projection based monitor rather than an LCD. This is the economy model but it’s good quality enough to see major differences in the view one gets from a box on a video monitor to a 5′ representation. The shakiness is the first thing to come out stronger where it exists, such as the scene work from the earlier parts of the production but fortunately that is very fixable. The good parts that come out are the nuances and depth of the acting. These are highly skilled professionals and we have a lot of impact on the bigger screen, it’s gotten much better to amplify their abilities.

Dana has finished composing Invention 5, in fact it has a 4th voice as well (they are all only 3 voices up to this point but this one). 

We’ve got 10.5 minutes left of original sound content to produce before we have to go back to 3 previous scenes to make minor additions, do some refinement, update some music, etc. When the final VO and all has been completed with the creative sound work, then we will be doing an overall mix and submitting to Kyle for a Sound Mix.

Then we will actually be looking at a first sneak preview release. This will be rough around the edges, not applied digital special fx (which are needed in some cases such as the newscasters appearing on TV rather than full screen with no reference to their presence on a TV set in a hotel room…many little things). But we’re content to get the basic film out so the actors can see it, we can get some sections and possibly begin a GoFundMe to afford a high end polish and special fx job! This can be much more than the original budget of the film but we’ll be modest in our goals, maybe $5000 range. Otherwise we’ll be doing it slowly all ourselves but that won’t be another year delay. We’ll be able to do the technical tasks a lot faster than the creative sound work and we also will want to release the motion picture as soon as we possibly can, especially overseas.


We’ll be moving steadily along, making progress as we can. Dana is resting as much as possible in addition to doing many things for SCi CO Music and for .


We will be asking Craig in L.A. if we can use some of his personal studio pictures. He’s published them before, it might be ok and if we can sneak them into the movie we may be able to add ‘Eddie Van Halen’ or ‘Jack Black’ in the credit somehow, or at least show the picture somewhere. We’ll have to see if that’s possible, Black might be some contractual motion picture exclusivity thing but EVH might do it just for fun. Who knows?