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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

We took a bit of time off from the film today to get to the composition of Invention #5 accompaniment. We’re just about there on that piece of music, can go ahead and put it into the SLICK PRODUCER monologue as a demo. It is a very complex piece of music!


The next scene work is the Sextet/Zombie Passy/Hotel scene. We thought this was in two sections but we had conjoined them a while back, so the whole remaining work is about an 11 minute scene (1 short scene and one average length scene in one sequence). In other words, we’re doing sound work now on the very last scene of the movie. After we are completed with this, we have to go back to three scenes and complete them. The completion is quite minimal with voice overs, some masking and clean up, a few musical bits and a bit of video editing to add one or two clips, to tighten up what we have.


We’re closer than SCi CO had even realized and we’re going to be at this everyday..The 11 minutes we have to do does have a lot of foley, scoring and background stuff going on. We did find a new library to get some sounds from if needed.