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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

We’re through the SLICK PRODUCER FLAV ZEALOUS SINGER content. The only missing element is “Invention #5” by Dana which is being composed presently. We will replace the guide tracks of 1-4 Inventions with the updated musical material when that is produced, which will be around the time the Voice Overs are being recorded. Quite a lot of sound editing was involved in getting the background music to flow properly with the ZEALOUS SINGER scene and we added music to the tail of the whole sequence which is FLAV with SLICK PRODUCER seeing the BIGFOOT and MYSTERIOUS KITTY caught in some of the frames of the project FLAV was working on for a TV show (which the producers of the show are unaware of). The music all is really adding huge dimensions and a lot of dramatic support. The comedy is heightened and we are more in touch with the feelings of being in FLAV’s studio. The video in its current form is being uploaded to a private channel on Youtube for our composer Jon Siple to sneak a preview, since he wants to see how his tunes were used in the film.


We’re moving onto the next sequence which will be the ZOMBIE PASSY scene or the HOTEL ZOMBIE scene most likely.