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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

We’re just about done with the scene now. There’s Invention #5 to be added (not yet composed! Next on Dana’s composition list…) and a few seconds of music to add at the end when FLAV and SLICK PRODUCER catch the MYSTERIOUS KITTY and BIGFOOT on screen. We’ve added Jon Siple’s music to the ZEALOUS SINGER / FLAV exchange, which adds life and brings out the comedy quite a bit. This was a tricky selection and we wound up with instrument versus vocals, it’s all synth techno funky sort of dance music and it reverberates the energies of the ZEALOUS SINGER, who is on the cusp of fame but has a piss poor attitude. FLAV’s characterization is incredibly, growlingly commanding and his beastly portrayal of a studio producer defending himself after horrible insults and threats by a crazed client is icily professional and serious. This works comedically and builds into the phone call where he invites SLICK PRODUCER over, then they rap several minutes. The music selected for their dialogue is the Bach Inventions 1-5 with synthesizer sounds.

This will be updated with a far better version, this is only a demo fresh off the press but it is very like what the final sound will be like in the finished version. The synth will be a lot better produced and sound more expansive than it is now, which is currently simple square and saw tooth wave shapes which are basic synthesis forms. This works delightfully with the rap between FLAV and SP, the producer being so caustically unabashed relating his brutal and disgusting story. It adds some spice and comedy as well as elevates their conversation to a height which would otherwise be somewhere between the gutter and the sidewalk.


We’re in excellent shape here, the scene is all but wrapped up. The music for ZS has really found a match, it’s both interesting and high energy while lingering in the background enough for it to be like the studio atmosphere FLAV’s place provides. Again, the acting here is profoundly great and we’re thankful to be in a position to complete the film to honor them and crew for the investment. We’ll be concluding tomorrow but leaving a few small VOICE OVER tasks to add to the scene, once we’re ready with our homestyle sound proofing job to make a little VO closet. After this we’re onto either the Sextet / Beach Entrance scene where PASSY becomes a ZOMBIE or we’re already in the hotel. That’s two scenes left, then we’re back to a bit of work on the LJ murder sequence with new VO’s, then back to the BRIDGE scene with cops to add VO for one of the cops. Then actually– we’ll be about good!