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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

We’re working through the SLICK PRODUCER/FLAV/ZEALOUS SINGER scene. There’s literally almost nothing to do. The scene has almost zero physical movement and action but is sandwiched with lines. It’s a gigantic dialogue/monologue situation and the only thing needed is some touch up to one of the segues and some decision on how to handle the audio for FLAV’s phone call. FLAV’s phone conversation was not captured by a good quality mic. We are using only in-camera sound. This typically is never used even as a guide track in post-production but we’re going to roll with it, no need to bother our actor at the moment. At this point in the post we’re going to move on and if we all re-record with a budget from a major production house which helps us clean up, re-record and release with a major distribution deal…we’ll just keep her as is. We’re not lowering our standards but we are relaxing enough to get this accomplished, keep it real and not worry. There are a few rattles and lens adjustments is all the problem really is, beside it being rough sound.


SCi CO FILMS uses Sony™ Cameras not just for the quality of the video but for the mics– their microphones are almost always superior quality and in this case we’re seeing some real help from Sony. The quality of the audio is usable where there’s no camera issue. We’ll be masking some of that with music and some background fx (maybe a neighbor greets friends outside his door and the sound seeps in, muffling the camera rattle once…). There’s only a few little spots and we can cut half of it and not lose any plot points. It’s a very strange shot indeed because the camera creeps up intervallic ally rather than with a steady zoom in and there’s a bizarre light which is doing acid jazz sorts of psychedelic things right on Flav, the idea being it’s some sort of groovy custom lava lamp to go with his authentic hipster 60’s orange wardrobe (rare shirt!).


The performances are unbelievable. It’s a 7 minute or so scene and watching it breeze by all cut up with dialogue and the shots working together is very exciting! It’s got a natural ease and the guys accomplished a real manner about them, as if their report started decades ago and they just had a brewski together, rapping about times. The guttural sailor’s mouth monologue by SLICK PRODUCER is fitting of his jewelry laden wardrobe is saucy, our actor cut it up his way and made it a much better piece of work. ZEALOUS SINGER stands out for energy! His impact is so punctuated, we had to lower the natural volume of his voice when he bursts out in anger at FLAV. ZS’ tantrum is magnificent and ends with a real comedic moment. SCi CO sees a high potential for laughs with the craziness of ZS, who is bubbling over the top with aggression at not being famous ‘yet’ but it’s all FLAV’s fault!


The work to be done on this is adding music, tightening a bit of the video (we’ve already shaved some editing hairs and gotten a much more lucid and easier flowing scene) and that’s it! It doesn’t need more than she needs and she’s looking fair. Bravo to these actors. SCi CO Films has always made it clear we respect, admire and appreciate the talent here. After however long it has been to reach the point where we’re nearing the completion of post, it is resoundingly clear that we have stars in the movie who are worth the struggle, the pain, the sacrifices and all the time to get this onscreen.


We are looking at a Vancouver WA debut screening, the historic theater in downtown which is just across the bridge and has easy parking. This will be a definite thing but we’re not setting any date goals for a scheduling, just moving as possible on the post until we get to the point of a first release. The premiere will be mostly for cast and a few local critics perhaps, some friends of SCi CO, etc. and the showing will feature the film in a raw form. We may not add special fx at all or do much to improve sound. The film is holding up well without these things and it’s important that the actors get their reels. We want to release a picture here and the first showing typically is a rough one anyway compared with what hits theaters, if it ever does.


Another Bach Invention w/new Accompaniment! Thanks for waiting, actors– this scene is aging like a single malt scotch.