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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

We’re in the SLICK PRODUCER/FLAV/ZEALOUS SINGER scene now and it’s very fun. This scene has the lowest demand for foley because it’s mostly just monologues and dialogue, not much action at all. We also have crystal clear audio, in fact it’s probably about the best or close to it for the whole film. We were in a controlled environment indoors and had plenty of retakes. This has a lot of life to it and the charisma of ZS is overflowing. We are moving slow but we are moving in a good direction..


Dana has been working on a JS Bach project for SCi CO Music, which is adding a flute/random instrument part to Bach Inventions 1-15. This will be a two sided sort of album with natural instrumentation on one, synthesizer ‘Switched On’ style for the second.


Two are already live with demos..


SCi CO has gotten a little farther with the low-end soundproofing but still a ways to go. We’ll be getting everything squared away with that within the next two weeks.