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Notes - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

We’ve been working with the very limited footage for the clam attack sequence. This is a few seconds worth of scene work in totality, the part that the clam actually leaps onto LJ and devours him. This is so tricky it’s the most challenging thus far in terms of the raw sequential work to stream the pieces together. It’s already got some nice punch and the comedic flair is great but we’re not at the point yet that the fluidity of the clam and the gauging of LJ’s eye with his own finger is working as much as we need. We’re close but not there. Once it is, then we will be adding all the sound which will be quite a load of work but mostly background, music and basic foley. The VO’s later to fill the voids of the LJ lines and possibly even redoing the EPSTEIN lines, though his work very well without any technical shortcoming (mostly because it’s on the phone with a sound fx to mask any issues). The takes we have are passable but we could have a really pristine audio track with just a bit more effort.


We’ve added a few more poetry lines and we have a new gag with the LJ being eaten alive. All in all it’s becoming a very nice scene though we have some work to do. The overhaul of the footage with corrections for overexposure will be iffy because overexposure is one of those things you almost cannot fix. We’ll have an expert technician help us out but shaken, blurry, spotty..almost anything but overexposure is possible to sort of repair without it being noticed. We’ll wind up ok but it’s going to take some investment to fix this up into a nice slick scene. The shots are all pretty much there, even the clam attack sequence itself which was incredibly rushed along and improvisational, that is becoming rather interesting though it is a delicate editorial task. Once this scene is wrapped, it looks like we’ll be on to the Zombie hotel scene or possibly the sextet with Craig Parker Adams scene…