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Some poetry - SCI CO

Some poetry

Posted by Dana Phelps

“Such is life that a fruity peach would avail it’s succulence as a drifted moment in a sea of lonely loveliness”

“Never a fart in the wind blew as dear as the soul escaping his asshole”

“Time only flies if you notice you are not in love with it…and I am, such is so”

‘’Seize the light of the sun in the night, and you might be exposing your own inner bright”

“It all spells the same thing— our humanity is lost without the survival of our animal instict..a contradiction”

“ Do I want fries with that?”

“Life is sweet…but only too short to be true and how bitter is the bite of the end of light”

“I can only thank time for god is the same and when I see a green humanoid it will be spring in the right time “


These are new lines for LUMBERJACK who is enjoying the sun after the kill, with a nice eyeball to feast on with cigarette after. We freeze frame and hear his tender voicing of the waxes and wanes of the universe– utter pure insanity, but ended adroitly by a shocking clam attack. The improvement of the scene is undeniable, we’re meeting the measure of the other scene work now though it is challenged by some overexposure issues. The whole scene has ventured into new territory we’re very contented by. The scene is actually extended in time though we lost a good bit of footage from the trimming of clips unnecessary to move ourselves along in the film. The performance is highly sensitive and we managed to get a really jaunty humor out of our very brilliant improvisational actor Tyler Ryan who sparkles with sheer ability in this animated portrayal. All of his lines will be replaced by a gruff and deeply dangerous one, but none of them actually are coming with any lip synching as the actor’s mouth is not visible during his auditory moments.


We’re in good territory, the film is improving much with this enjoyable new style to the scene. We’re just about through the editing now of the video and will be moving onto the sound work for the background noise, music and foley. Later we will complete the VO for the entire scene in a session for all the voices.