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Workday 1 - SCI CO

Workday 1

Posted by Dana Phelps

Dana rested a bit more than anticipated last night but was not avoiding work! We’re onboard again this morning with the job of post. We’re officially working on the sound again here and it does feel good. Right now we’re going to be working with the EPSTEIN murder which will take some additional voice over potentially. If we cannot get all the VO before moving on we’ll continue with a little work to be done when we get the equipment, which will be within a week or two. When we reach the stage of ‘Le Jete’, which is the re-cutting of the second big clam attack, we’ll be approaching it with a much more hilarious intention. That date was rushed and we have to deal with some pressured angles and overexposure between clean shots. We’ve decided to use stills as the animation level of the clam going up the LUMBERJACK (murderer) is laughably bad but not in the right way. The re-edit will trim a lot of video but not cut away lots of time necessarily from the content. And we have a flashy ending of the attack to punctuate the work with a real actor moment, we do have an exceedingly good final moment in the sequence with an awesome comedic moment by the actor TYLER RYAN. The scene will be a stand out moment with a lot of style if it goes as planned but it will not be the original vision for the scene. We’re confident we’ll wind up with some good horror comedy there.


This film was always just barely hanging itself together by a thread and we’re basically in the same position. The strongest scenes are yet to come though, we have an enormously strong hotel scene with the quality of sound, video and comedy. KARMEN SPILLER is about as funny as anyone I can think of in any movie for that final scene, it is over the top. We improvised most of that off the page since the humor was not working from the script and that brought out SPILLER’s immense gifts as an actor.


We won’t be pushing ourselves but we’ll be making steady progress. Production notes will be later for today.