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SCi CO Music - SCI CO

SCi CO Music

Posted by Dana Phelps

We are launching SCi CO Music soon for a composition and recording based business. The music of “Raiders…” will be released in a corresponding manner to the new website. We have a team with goals behind the scenes, coming back together after the long layoff. The studio situation is stable now, we are resting up and beginning physical work on the post-production today. It’s been a struggle to get to the point we can do this and Dana has Dr’s advice for how much strain he can endure at the moment, but we’re pretty much over the bar and situated for the remaining two weeks or so of post needed. We may need less or more, being on SCi CO time we’ll know that 1=∞ here! But the film is already completed in its cut and 95%+ of it’s dialogue, we are adding music, foley and some voice-overs. We are not planning on any other film making ventures at this point in time but will not rule anything out once we have “Clams…” in festival competition.


The long wait should be over soon. We’ll have a year of entries to festivals and hopefully our fabulous cast and crew will get lots of work and even some revenue from the film’s profits. We do have more scripts than we need to begin another production but could not dream of it at this point, only getting our post wrapped on “Raiders..”. Part of the issue in getting on the horse again has been the need to invest long work hours at a time rather than short little bursts. This is the creative flow for Dana generally on this picture and it will be about 10+ hours a day until it’s done once we get back to it, or perhaps a bit less with the Dr’s orders for low stress, no strain.


We left off with Epstein about to commit a murder and we have a very elaborate violent voice over going on for that. SCi CO is soundproofing a very small area in the new location for voice work and we will be able to produce crystal clear audio in this new situation! We may do some new performances since the sources for vo’s is not the greatest for the 2 minute murder scene. The acting by our talent Paul L. Thornton is wicked and sardonic, very tasty for the sly attorney with the unbelievably beautiful, engaging and strong character performance of Laura Welsh. This scene is so good just for her acting that it would be a good short film, it’s absolutely incredibly.

The bar is set really high on acting for our venture and we’re going to wind up with something in festivals soon enough. We’ll be back to reporting on progress for the production notes beginning today at some point.