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Relocation - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

We’re in Vancouver, WA now and getting back to the final stages of post. Dana was hospitalized after receiving life-threatening injuries by police. The previous location of SCi CO Films was uninhabitable with severe problems with the management and owner such as not being allowed to go to the bathroom (seriously), the room having unidentified smoke being blown into it repeatedly, noise 2-5 am… some items were missing when Dana returned from hospital but the film appears intact. Dana has been recuperating and getting together with attorneys to deal with the recent situation. The Police Review Board in Portland is being given a chance to deal with their issues before any legal action is taken. There is a video of the assault Dana is recovering from at . Not being allowed to move your own bowels by someone Intimidating you has been the OR Statute/Law violation of “Sodomy” and “Human Trafficking” which both are applied by citizen arrest on the officers, after they nearly killed Dana!


In terms of the film and where we are now, we’re in good shape. The delays we’ve had are also obstacles we’ve overcome and the size of the barriers are enormous versus how long we’ve been delayed. The film has matured and we’re not where we’d planned with the release date obviously but it won’t effect festival runs internationally, necessarily. This is a classic style film with long-term goals and we’re glad to be in good shape enough to run with the film into a finish line.


Dana is being directed by a Dr. with physical therapy for chest / head injuries to be restful and avoid strenuous activity. This is going to be converted into an opportunity to finish the film. If anyone believed Dana was lazy, well there’s a whip there and we’ll be done pretty quick! The film needs to be squeezed out and it’s all in the timing of the Gods, whatever your faith or faithlessness may tell you.


In other news Dana is writing a third book of three projects right now. “Lincoln Was A Dummy” is a new historical work with the claim of Abraham Lincoln being a character invented by an elitist organization which used the figure to wield power in a critical hour for the USA, and that the real Abe was an escaped black slave who worked with some Native American tribes in a deal to seize power with the slave rebel colony called ‘Africanus’ in order to establish a new corporate power in Liberia to lead the USA as a slave colony with the freedom to rebel and be paid for that. “Shuke’s War” has got very little writing work to do before a release and “Sword of Christ” is still being researched after about 60 pages, where Dana had to find answers to form necessary opinions about the blade of Izus. Lincoln Was A Dummy is about 200 pages in and will be about 400, mostly photographic analysis with some historical assessments. The analysis of the Emancipation Proclamation is now in a math and technical schematic area.


We have a new music site coming out soon, an overhaul to with shopping feature, the site will be improved upon with the book releases and we’re finally going to end with the long work on “Clams..”, here! The timing could not be improved, if we had begun the idea that the title would be something similar to another major franchise in motion pictures then the way it works out is that the current new vehicle for their film line is going to be converging to the timing of the release of our little funky picture. If we’re lucky, the application of some improved promotional steam will be good for the biggie and we might become useful? If this all pays off for cast and crew in a big time way, then let’s hope it does that for crew, cast and Dana.



Thanks for all the love and support behind the scenes, you know who you are! SCi CO Team members are the best:) ~Dana