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Dec 4 - SCI CO

Dec 4

Posted by Dana Phelps

We’ve moved into the murder scene sound montage over WIFE’s slumber. This is a fairly massive amount of sound work with many separate blows- punches, golf club strikes, kicks, etc. There is very little sound available for the needed effect so we’re doing some creative work to make sure the point gets across. It’s been a bit of a struggle to nail down the highest quality sound but we’re more than halfway through that now. This is dozens of sounds playing against each other and Laura’s lines are being heard as echoes over her sleep. When we are through this scene, then we’ll be more than 50% completed with the sound work for the entire reel.

What’s remaining is the LJ lines and the clam attack sequence. There’s very little sound work to be done on this at all, it’s mostly ADR of the LJ. Then some editing work on the actual video itself to bring it up in its entertainment and style. We’re very excited by the progress thus far, we have really tightened up the LJ/EPSTEIN/LJW scene work and it’s got an entirely new feel with the sound! It’s much funnier and supportive of Laura’s extremely impressive performance.


We’re not doing 10 hour days like before but we are making steady progress and the film really is doing well. Keep coming back!