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Nov 30 - SCI CO

Nov 30

Posted by Dana Phelps

We got through the sound montage of the approach by LUMBERJACK to EPSTEIN’s. This is where the sound is the most challenging for the scene work but it’s not a rescue mission, it’s a massive cut and fit job scouring hundreds of sounds to get

the content filled. The scene with the LJW who is sleeping while the husband commits a horrific murder on EPSTEIN is

a sound montage, meaning the visuals do not match what is occurring onscreen. The dreams of LJW intertwine with the golf clubbing to death as EPSTEIN screams over LUMBERJACK’s maniacal glee.


There is a lot of sound work to be done yet but we’re about halfway through it at this point. The next piece is the LJW and LJ conversation over the phone which is needing ADR for the LJ lines (we have some in but they’re not good enough yet). Then the content of the clam attack buildup up to the end of the attack itself requires a streamlining and an inspired version of the clam attack. That scene was the most rushed for time of all in the production and we squeezed out some clunkers on the footage with exposure and some of the angles. What we have to work with is good but to make it great will take a new vision, which is coming from classic French cinema actually. It has a wonderful ending already in place and some nice stuff to cut with.


Then music will be added and we’ll be moving on to the next scene work! That may be SLICK PRODUCER or the BEACH / STRING SEXTET scene, not sure…most of the remaining scene has a lot less sound or editing obstacles. A lot of refinement needs to take place for much of the sound in some select scenes but we’re going to be able to polish up a nice piece of work, we believe.

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