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Nov 29 - SCI CO

Nov 29

Posted by Dana Phelps

We’re through the drive to the location of the EPSTEIN murder with LUMBERJACK and the EPSTEIN/LUMBERJACKS WIFE conversation by telephone. There was a bit of stock footage added, a lot of basic foley and atmospheric work, a bit of tightening to

the editing. We are at the scene where LUMBERJACK pounces on EPSTEIN now and the murderous laughter which has already been recorded will be applied. The scene thus far is really working, Laura holds up the performance with two mighty arms and we’ve got a good rhythm with the EPSTEIN portrayal, all of the dialogue being done by Dana. The EPSTEIN dialogue is very candid and lascivious with a nasally attorney’s regard. Laura is delivering a powerful performance here and the buildup to the Clam Attack/LJ phone content is extremely taut. We could not be happier at this point with this scene work. In start contrast to the last work of the HOTEL footage (not the ZOMBIE Passy but the scene work before he morphs), which was intensely challenging and still is going to be refined. but it is a completed scene in terms of structure. The music and the LUMBERJACK lines for the car journey works intercut with the EPSTEIN / LJW footage, which is a tricky business. The Cameo by Logic In A Cup’s Allie is filled with some Bach piano music and a one-liner (LUMBERJACK is one one-liner after the next).


We’re onto the dialogue with LJW and her hubby next, then a re-cut of the Clam Attack footage and the solo LUMBERJACK work, which needs to be a slot speedier with a nice exclamation point ending. This is the second Clam attack sequence and the footage we have now is not convincing, so it’s being re-cut into an entirely new design to accentuate the best footage we have to work with. There’s fortunately a truly great moment of acting there at the end which is the end of the attack scene itself, and Tyler our actor delivers beautifully. We’ve got a very nice scene going with this segment and Laura’s performance is absolutely the shining part of this whole sequence. She is in supreme command of the role and has a lot of potential to get some of the biggest laughs possible of the whole movie.