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Nov 27 Editing Report - SCI CO

Nov 27 Editing Report

Posted by Dana Phelps

The music for the LUMBERJACK’s car ride has been added and it is ‘Angry Man’ by The Black Tryangul, Dana’s former band from Vermont. This song is written by the great Richard “Dickie” Santamore who is currently recovering from a back injury in the hospital–much love to you, Dickie! The editing is a bit tighter before the murder scene. Dana is recording a few lines for Epstein. The sound work is fairly light but the ADR performances take time. We’re looking great on this scene and are very excited by Laura’s incredible performance. She’s very very funny and powerful.


The poster has off the charts good reviews! People really like it, the long road paid off for this investment and we wind up with a local artist. The titling for the poster will eventually be replaced with full credits.