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SCi CO is LIVE!!! - SCI CO

SCi CO is LIVE!!!

Posted by Dana Phelps

Welcome to the new SCi CO FILMS website! We have moved on from a production based web presence to a commercial site and we’ll be featuring updates on productions and other news as they occur. We are expecting the poster to be delivered sometime this week. Sound Editing for “Raiders…” is at the LUMBERJACK murders scene. The footage is good but there is a lot of editing work to do in the LUMBERJACK solo clam attack sequence. We are re-editing that scene dramatically to make use of the footage and the inspiration is the classic film ‘Le Jete’ (still pictures over sound). We found a nice funny ending this way and the scene needs to be much quicker, stylish in its cut. The LJ/ESPTEIN and LJW scene is in very good shape with a profoundly funny and powerful performance by actress Laura Welsh. We’re adding a bit of dialogue there and tightening up a few clips but that is already looking really great.

The post-production at the moment is at the stage of sound completion. The digital fx and improvement of the overall product is next and that will be the last before we release. There is no set date or projection for release at this time but we’re working daily on the post. We have a lot to look forward to so keep watchin!