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SCi CO Films is run by illegal space aliens.

Coming Soon… Raiders of the Lost Clam!!!

Raiders of the Lost Clam!!! movie poster.

“Raiders of the Lost Clam!!!”

It’s not a porno!


A rowdy and raunchy couple are on the hunt for a mysterious magical artifact, but can they get to it before the aliens do? In the scramble for the artifact a blood-thirsty monster clam is unearthed. One Bigfoot, a murderous lumberjack and his wife, two police activists, a mentally unstable cowboy and multiple clam attacks later, we may witness a close encounter of the worst kind!

More about the film…

Watch the Teaser

SCi CO Films Awards & Honors to Date

Awards on Three Continents: USA, Europe/France, Israel

SCi CO Films Universe Multicultural Film Festival 2019 official selection laurels for music video "Out of the Way"