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July 9 2019 - SCI CO

July 9 2019

Posted by Dana Phelps

We’ve done a lot of research into the Johnny Western music issue and came up with dead-ends. We are forced to contend with a new musical score there. This is not going to wind up being too terribly bad for the film but it means a good bit of extra work and time. We’re going to wind up with a synth score similar to the rest of the movie and also some country song sort of background, which we’ve already nabbed from a definitively Creative Commons resource. Unfortunately, Dana ran into a technical issue today when trying to compose some of the score and is waiting for some support before it is possible for him to record again. It’s not a big deal, just a minor issue with software and it requires some help to resolve.


Instead of doing musical work today, he began working on the video. We’re starting with the very beginning– Mentally Unstable Cowboy birthing himself out of the sun! We’ve improved this footage dramatically, it’s pretty awesome now. This took some doing with compositing video clips and getting some editorial twists on it. The green screen footage of JOHN BRANCH we had to work with was amazingly poor– the lighting was terrible, the green screen was draping and wrinkly, we had shadowing… this is because we had all of about 2 minutes to set it up and get the actor to do a little run through because we never expected it would be done that day and we had no idea how to achieve the result we wanted (which was resolved by splitting the green screen into two sections at an angle, then having JOHN slip through the middle of them then exit off camera!). Miraculously, we got useable footage there and there’s only very minor shadowing issues at all! This is truly a blessing because the performance is uncanny, it’s off the hook acting and it really makes an impact for his characterization. We also managed to find some Creative Commons music for the intro which is a big leap from the poor audio quality of trumpet fanfare which we had up there before. Now we have a really well recorded set of live trumpets with an original composition from Europe (Dana is going to compose something on top of this to make it even better with harp and timpani). We’re spending time on a forum to get some help with the fixes for the shadowing, which we understand is not all that big of a deal and is very very fixable. This again is a stroke of luck to have this footage useable at all and it’s already looking really really excellent. We had a big flaming sun up for the rough sketch of this little 7 second sequence and the difference from what we had to what we already have now is huge. It already is good enough to use but we’re spending the time to perfect that.


We’ll be heading back to Green Light Recording next week to get the last of the ADR needed for the remainder of the scenes. We’re on Scene 4 of 10 now and the rest of them have very little work comparatively with 1, 2. There’s not much to actually do. Once we have the music rendered and the green screen issue solved, there will be polishing and refining to do but it’s not a lot. Sound is already great for MUC, it was one of the days where we had little problem and extremely good recording the whole way out.


Keep posted!