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July 6 Update II - SCI CO

July 6 Update II

Posted by Dana Phelps

We’ve completed the Yurt scene! Fortunately the footsteps were available as foley from the mic in the room we recorded in, thus it’s a perfect room match and we go directly into a music cue afterward. The music makes the difference. We put FLAV’S THEME at the beginning (which we didn’t have in there before) and it opened up the whole characterization motif which was sort of muted before. It adds a lot of color and depth, becomes FLAV’S THEME directly as if we’re looking into the strange, brilliant mind of a quixotic, eccentric genius who is thinking creatively within his idiom. Then we tailor “Lycandroids” (the 2 minute symphony by Dana) to the meter of the narration and it makes the whole scene take off! That launched the emotional content and cemented the VO work by WGHM into the audience, meaning it is now clear that the narration is a dramatic sort of element with a background score specifically for it. This really helps the scene work a lot, a ‘dramatic’ improvement. After all this work we’ve put in, to see it all come together with some carefully placed music is very exhilarating. That’s the icing on the cake for us, here!


We’re moving on to Scene 3 now, which we have indicated does not have much we can actually do to it. Dana needs to go into a studio to record the overdubs with his voice and that’s about it.