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July 2 Update - SCI CO

July 2 Update

Posted by Dana Phelps

We’ve been working a good bit with the Yurt Scene. The last of the 3 minutes is requiring some editorial work which is more video than sound related. We’ve quickened the pace up a bit, done a bit more with shot selection and we’re working in a bit more humor from the reactions, more amicability with the FLAV and WGHM characters. It’s definitely improving the sequence and stepping up the game. It was pretty good before– solid on the editing, but we’ve encouraged a lighter and jauntier atmosphere with a heightened rapidity. It’s not ultra fast but is flowing quicker which is excellent for the scene.

Dana has had to take care of some rather important things relating to his workspace, some of which were related to the structure and were causing some pretty serious issues. We’ve completed the work on that and will not be distracted by it but it did slow us down considerably. Without getting into it too deeply, there was a problem with some of the appliances in the studio and it was a health hazard. Everything is good now.


Dana met with our web designer and overall business advisor Camille Spain who is now taking control of the “Raiders of the Lost Clam!!!” TITLE work! This is going to be created with a nuanced custom font which is then effected with a gradient color scheme. We are extremely pleased by the results there and will have an outstanding title. We met about the business end of this film and the future of SCi CO Films. It’s very exciting and we’re feeling more secure in our quest to make our productions within a budget for future projects, to have commercial success with our properties.


“Raiders of the Lost Clam!!!” already has a Festival Winning laurel to put on its poster. This is before its release which is obviously unusual but it came from the Solaris Film Festival giving “Light Faerie Falls” an award for “Best Song”. This is a ballet piece which happens to be included in the movie so we can attach the laurel for “Best Song” to the motion picture! We didn’t exactly plan for this, but it’s nice to have an accolade before we even release the movie.


Dana is on the fence about returning to work this weekend or plugging through to continue with his editorial work. It will depend largely on his financial situation, which he will conclusively understand within the next couple of days. He has already decided only to do a 3.5 day work week, so if there’s a pause it will only last a three day weekend and then he will be right back at it.


There’s quite a lot of work going on with the Yurt scene but we are happy with the progress. We expect to be completed with that fairly soon, perhaps as early as tonight but will not stop working until it’s right. One obstacle is that Dana’s film date in Newport might be for nought because the weather conditions were just not a match but if we cannot fix it up with digital magic (which is extremely possible, about an 80% chance we can make the sky grey where needed) then we will get a videographer to film the structure for establishing shot in Newport for us on an appropriate day or Dana will just return for another junket to capture this important footage. The Yurt scene is the only major work left in terms of editing, we’re rock solid on all the others but SLICK PRODUCER scene may require some magic in order to get it to work. This is because of some rather erratic camera work which is causing a need for stabilization which might be over the top for a digital fix. If it is, then we will have some creative editing work to do but it’s nothing like the Yurt scene. The Yurt scene was pretty good but we want it to feel like greased lightning and be up to snuff for the rest of the picture. All of the early shooting production has had some tough issues and by the end of production (such as the ACTIVISTS clam scene), we were extremely stable and smooth with a lot of finesse.


We’re in good shape here, moving as quickly as possible but making sure we get it right before settling for anything.


Keep posted!