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Update June 26 - SCI CO

Update June 26

Posted by Dana Phelps

We’re beginning editorial work again Thursday June 27! Dana has had an arduous work week and is taking one full week Thurs-Thurs off specifically for working on the film. We are very excited to be in this position! The system issues with memory, software, etc. have been resolved and we are in a good position to launch the editing into orbit. We left off with the Yurt scene finalization after refining it to the point where it could be called good enough to present with the rest of the scene work.


Green Light Studios Josh Holland is contracted with us now and we’ve worked out a payment with a strategy for completion of sound. He simply needs to get the final tracks in place in order to produce the dialogue, sound fx and ambient sound clips into one master mix. We feel lucky and thrilled to have Josh onboard with us as he is highly skilled and experienced with dialogue and sound mixing of this kind! We could not ask for a better team member and he is working at a very reasonable rate for us. The sound is our biggest obstacle for Quality Control on platform submissions to become a distributed film which will afford us the chance to become a viewed film online. We feel we have the content and the digital compatibility for QC but the sound is where we are really lacking. With Josh aboard, will we feel secure and much more realistic about gaining a placement with some of the major platforms. We can also expect a much more legitimate chance to get festival accolades with the vastly improved sound. The difference will be huge! He will take each and every single line and use his engineering prowess to improve every nuance.

Dana is setting up a final recording session in Green Light to get a couple of scenes and a few stray lines. What’s missing at this point is the hotel scene where PASSY has dialogue with VIOLETZ, a few lines in the car and on the beach sequence with BIGFOOT and some lines before he becomes a zombie. We can also get a tiny bit of underlying dialogue during the tv news clip in the final scene (which is set personnel behind the scenes talking to the news anchor– which is not supposed to be aired but is occurring during technical difficulties). There’s not too much to get and the demands for the acting are not as profound as the whooping, psychotic and highly energized performances for the EPSTEIN murder scene by LUMBERJACK which was all done in a previous session with Josh.

We’ll see how far we can get in a week! Dana has very little to do between Thurs-Thurs. except for this editorial work and when he left off, was in a very good rhythm for the editing work. We’re going to pick up where we left it and will be spending most of the day doing this work. We really want to get this film ready for festivals and we are not sparing anything, not cutting any corners and we sure are not settling for second best for our content. We are making the most out of the micro-budget we have.


SCi CO is already looking to the next two films. We are planning “Figures” and a martial arts comedy with our agenda. This is obviously a ways off but we cannot help but look to the next pictures. With the amount of experience gained and the difference in scheduling, we expect to have the next project filmed and completed within a much much shorter amount of time than “Raiders…” but with higher technical standards. We won’t have the same sound issues, will be much more confident with the camera work and we will have a clear logistical outline for how to deal with the production.



Stay tuned…