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Update July 20 - SCI CO

Update July 20

Posted by Dana Phelps

Yesterday Dana spent several hours trekking down to Newport to get a few seconds on video for an establishing shot of the Yurt! Originally, he had felt this wouldn’t be necessary but re-editing it and giving the scene final polishing led to the conviction that it really would be the only way to make it all work. He got tremendous footage with some gulls flying around at just the right angles. It was very interesting and of course was magical being on the magnificent coast again.


Dana is on the job right now and doesn’t have time to do any editing work before Monday but after that will take some time off and get cracking. He is very excited and encouraged by the progress on the Yurt scene work and having Josh at Green Light Studios in our corner for the sound has opened up a world of confidence and reassurance for the sound quality overall. The quality of the film is going to skyrocket! Keep in mind that Quality Control panels at Neftlix, Amazon, etc. all focus on Sound for about half of their concerns. The other half is hardware/software issues with the digital rendering, then the overall entertainment value (which is actually sort of the last thing they look at!). Sound is #1. The digital issues are mostly compatibility and file coding, etc. We’re good on that side of the spectrum but have some sound challenges.


Josh is extremely talented with dialogue and has some things in his bag of tricks to sweeten it all up, making it sound more professional yet more natural. Also he will find a nice mix of levels (volumes) for all the background, sound fx, etc. This is absolutely imperative and we trust his judgement so won’t need to be with him while he works. He’ll be getting a good chunk of change but will be working at a cut rate from his normal hourly because he likes SCi CO and wants to be a part of this project! We couldn’t be more thrilled! What a valuable addition. Josh is one of the most talented artists in the area and we are absolutely lucky to have him with us. We’re going to have outstanding sound!


Stay tuned..