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June 19 2019 - SCI CO

June 19 2019

Posted by Dana Phelps

We have hired Josh Holland of Green Light Recording studio in Vancouver, WA as our official sound man for the mix of the movie sound! Craig in L.A. will still finalize everything but we’re asking Josh to do all the little touch-ups and basic mixes that Craig won’t have the time, the want or the experience to be the best man for the job with. Josh has done dozens of audio books and has a knack for suing up dialogue with the right effects (limiters, compressors, EQ, etc. which is all tricky and takes real finesse, skill and time). This is moderately expensive for us but well worth it and it have given us a foundation for the sound which Dana was sorely needing. We are twice as confident now with the sound, which is what half the quality control is for platform distribution (getting on Netflix and others). This will secure us in a way that is difficult to find words to describe, but suffice it to say that it is a huge huge leap ahead for us and is making us anchored with the sound where it was really kind of feeling adrift.




Josh and Dana recorded a song lastnight and we’ll post that here tomorrow most likely, once the final editorial changes are made. Craig in L.A. has suggested a format change for the structure of the composition and with that ready, we’ll be ready to release it as a fairly advanced demo of the song. This is just one vocal and one acoustic guitar which was all tracked lastnight here in Vancouver, WA. Thanks Josh! He did a masterful job with the production and it sounds high end already, before our final mix from Craig is even on it.