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June 17 Update - SCI CO

June 17 Update

Posted by Dana Phelps

Dana was not feeling well yesterday and did lose a day of work. Today we’re back at it and have been taking care of some business issues involving State licensure. We’re also working with the WISE GREY HAIRED MAN’s audio to piece together a good second half to the Yurt scene! There’s a couple of Inserts (little cutaway clips) that need to be filmed and plugged into the scene such as fingers typing on a laptop and a computer screen showing audio being recorded. These are now required because of the editing changes that Dana has been making to augment the scene. This little scene with FLAV and WGHM is turning out to be pretty awesome! The style is reminding Dana of French New Wave as he is doing it– Truffaut, Godard, etc. It’s also got a bit of modern hand-held sort of camera work. The performance by Butch Gwaltney is utterly charming and terrific– the guy pulled a major performance out of his hat without any experience to speak of. Rollyn Stafford is the heavyweight, putting in a nuanced performance with a lot of depth and focus.. Rollyn really is a fine actor and he shines in this introduction to his character in the film. We’re excited now because we have crystal clear audio throughout. At first we were feeling cornered into using in-camera audio which is not very good quality and has some background noise issues. Well, we’ve managed to find sweet spots in Gwaltney’s ADR session to stitch into the characterization. We’re working now with the synch and fortunately the system upgrade we wrote about recently has helped us get the software to work without having to use the other software. We will eventually make use of Final Cut Pro but at the moment will be using what we have been before. It’s working well now.


Dana is going back to work on his job again very soon and we’ll be taking a break from editing progress. He will do a little bit but he has to earn some money to pay for things and it will require some time off from the film work! Starting next Monday, he will be right back on it and have a whole week again to dedicate to just this task. We’re feeling very strong and will be ending this work week on a good note. Our confidence is growing and we’re enthusiastic to submit our film into the many, many festivals around the world for us to start competing in! There are not too terribly many horror-science fiction-comedies out there but there are more horror based fests than any other specific genre related type and this will give us a broader avenue for receiving some attention. We do expect to perform well, particularly for the acting which we feel is superb. This has stellar performances and we’re not going to be missed by audiences for them, in our opinion! There’s some extremely powerful acting in this motion picture. We couldn’t be more proud and excited for the actors. This is a long time coming but we are wrapping production.

SCi CO is getting its corporate interests straight with paperwork, banking, mission statements and goals for our business. This is a large step for us and it is in anticipation of revenues for the company to be earned in the next fiscal years. The film is a lot stronger than before and we’re closing in on the last bit of work before being able to release it with a really polished film. This exceedingly low-budget feature film will compete with mega-budgets, big stars, major production houses and we feel as if our tiny little ship can at least hold up as a valiant effort. We do plan on entering some of the big festivals (Cannes and Sundance, which is so expensive that it’s going to be more than we paid for actors and special fx makeup combined just for those two) but mostly we’re looking to the multitudes of tiny ones to make our biggest splash.