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June 17 Update II - SCI CO

June 17 Update II

Posted by Dana Phelps

Dana got back into his rhythm with the editing tonight! What a whirlwind of fun additions. We put in an eerie sound, some farting, got a *perfect* synch on the last of the Narration words by WISE GREY HAIRED MAN (which was made possible by Butch Gwaltney’s ADR without any video, meaning he nailed the exact time and speech pattern as if he were watching himself onscreen…wow!). We fixed up some of the editing (video) and determined that adding music underneath it will be imperative. In fact, Dana’s own 2 minute symphony “Lycandroids” is the winner there! It goes with the Narration. The music is implied as the dramatic addition underlying the Voice Over artist, so it’s supposed to the audience that this is what the recording will sound like when it’s presented to the audiences after FLAV gets through with it– and that works! It really pumps up the scene which was working before but only ‘ok’ and lacked a little ‘pump’. Now we’ve got that spark and it’s definitely a big improvement.

We did not anticipate a lot of these touches. This scene was left ‘as is’ for a long, long time and it was one of the first ones we completed. The final polishing of this is really inspiring because it’s bringing the whole scene work up to the level of the better scenes in the movie and this is great because Butch Gwaltney only gets one scene for the whole film and it’s a very important moment for the flick! This is the appearance of the UFO and the intro of FLAV’s character at his job. Butch is utterly charismatic, was cast befittingly and he does a marvelous job. The guy is holding himself up with serious, trained, experienced actors and it seems flawless, effortless. He really does a triumphant job with the 3 minute appearance. I mean– wow.


Dana has to call it quits for the night to get up for a long day tomorrow. He will take it in bits this week as he is back on the job. It looks like Monday night next week will be when he returns with full force to the editorial tasks and that will be with another full week (or longer if he feels like it’s really needed, especially if he’s in a 12-15 hour work mode with the editing and doesn’t want to stop) but he does need money. The income will pay for some important incorporation needs with the State of WA, for some fine art he’s got going on (Dana’s fine art is going to be appearing in the Vancouver Library next month), then of course things like…well, food?

We’re extremely inspired here, the Yurt Scene (2) is critical to the development of interest to the audiences, it is the second scene after the opening credits and it really needs to ‘be there’ to glue the viewers to their seats. We have some new laughs and did some things to make it seem more natural. We added a very interesting effect to one of FLAV’s moments which is extremely hard to do…it’s actually a Hitchcock effect, can see it with Arbogast falling down the stairs in “Psycho” (which is basically a zoom in opposing direction of the motion in action). We’re on the third minute now, which is where they start to toke a little weed together and kick it after a day of work is done for them. This is where Butch Gwaltney really shows his humor and his natural ease with performance. We’re twice as confidence as before and feel very, very proud of our talent and the progress is superb. We couldn’t ask for a better heightening of the film work here. It’s beyond what we expected to bring to the scene for improvements and is really making it a lot of fun to watch. Up, up and away, Scene 2! We’re getting to the clouds.


Dana will find some time each day that he can to get a bit more on it done each day until Monday but generally, the work demands his attention all day, then he has to sleep with very little relaxation time. He has relieved a lot of the pressure of the demands of the job by dealing with the scheduling and the work flow which is required for his job . This will help inexorably and will grant some time to devote to the film. In fact, tomorrow he will record some leftover Voice Overs for the BEACH BIGFOOT scene and a few stray lines which need to be gotten too. Then we’ll have that on the ready for the next editing job.


Keep coming back for updates, we’ll give the little bits as we get them in…


HEre’s a taste of the scene work with Dana’s composition “Lycandroids”: