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Update June 15 2019 - SCI CO

Update June 15 2019

Posted by Dana Phelps

We’ve had to be creative with our resolution and it appears a very simple fix is going to wind up being the winner! Within a few hours we should be getting back to our editing work. This has been a large amount of effort to get through this technical issue. We’re definitely going to be much, much better off in terms of system operation after we’re done with this task.


The place we left off is very exciting! The Yurt scene is almost to the best it can be. We’ve entered our film into a major festival for Distribution– the one and only festival we know of which leads to a major distribution deal for many platforms. We’ve got a concise list of needs to get this film to the point of release and there’s not the same problems as the Restaurant and Yurt scenes, technically. We are very very pleased with the way the Yurt scene is coming out, it’s much better than we imagined it could be. There are some hurtles to face but we’re optimistic and confident with what we have. We want to get through the editing and release this baby as soon as possibly can. There will be no more deviations or breaks. Dana is working on this exclusively until it’s done. The only pause will be when he works his other job and that will be at 3-4 day at a time intervals, then 3-4 back on the film.


We have much to do after “Raiders…” is released. The festivals lined up for competition in a one year period are awesome– we have dozens to get through in as many countries! We’ll be competing in India, Russia, many countries in Western and Eastern Europe, S. America, Japan, China and even possibly Antarctica. Few films have original string sextets composed for them and we have top drawer acting, special fx makeup and a totally bizarre, unique ‘plot’.

We might have another update late tonight about our progress. Hopefully we’ll be concluded with the Yurt scene work by 2am.


Stay tuned.