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Posted by Dana Phelps

Right now we’re dealing with a system upgrade. Editorial progress is on hold until we can get our memory and software issues appropriated to the right resolution. We’re doing what is needed to get the situation in line which is taking up all the computer functions that would otherwise be available for us to operate. When this is through, we will have a streamlined functionality and will be able to work faster, with more reliability and less technical glitches which slow progress. We see it as taking one step back to take two steps forward.


Dana has scheduled plenty of time to dedicate to the post-production outside of his other job. We will be steadily progressing until we are able to release this film. During this time, he is going to do a bit of work on “Shuke’s War” and is also resting as much as possible. The exhaustion he suffered is not completely over but he is mostly recovered and getting a bit more strength daily.