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June 13 2019 - SCI CO

June 13 2019

Posted by Dana Phelps

The saga continues!


We managed to get in just under the wire for the final deadline on the Lift Off Distribution Festival/Contest (which is Pinewood Studios, England– one of the most famous, state of the art, hugest film productions centers on the Earth). We’re already competing there with our Music Video “Out Of The Way” from years ago. The selection date for that is not until the end of July. They received a rough cut ‘work in progress’ as they requested. We got the rough cut WiP out but it pushed our system to its limits with memory and created a technical hitch for us to overcome. It was an all day event to get the film rendered and submitted yesterday with several failed attempts to Export the film file itself, each taking up to 90 minutes to attempt. After 4am, we were finally ready and done with the ordeal!


SCi CO got its own bank account and credit cards today as a corporation. We’re steadily improving our game here and tightening up the situation. The amount of property we have is pretty good for a budding tiny corporation and we’re converting everything one by one into a money maker. It’s very exciting and satisfying seeing the film we have coming together but each step toward the goal is a major technical challenge with our limited system. Many film makers have used similar systems to produce Festival winners and money making movies. We’re seeing excellent progress on the Yurt scene and there’s not much left to do with it. We had spent many hours trying to get a simple 5 second segment to synch but continually ran into a software error which made it impossible to see the video with the audio. We have overcome that obstacle but are presented with a new one, so we’re keeping on our toes to get the product results we want. Once we’re done with that, we’ll jump to the next scene work we can optimize. There’s very little to do until we get completion here, the rough cut is already good enough to play in maybe 1/3 of the festivals available to enter. We’re obviously going to want the most polished version possible. What we’re ready to do is complete this puppy so we won’t have anything left to do and can simply move on! We want to give birth to “Raiders…” and get on with the other works, then watch the film compete for a year in festivals. We’ll also be paying for Distribution services when we have the final cut.


Dana has altered his work hours so can avoid exhaustion again and keep at the film until it’s done. He had no trouble getting into a rhythm back when the film was being produced, spending up to 14 hours a day on editing. We’ve had a lot of impediments to slow us way down and stop our acceleration to the finish line but it’s very nice to be back on board and rocking it. Dana is in a good modality now for the editing and is focused on that more than anything. He will be doing a few days on/a few days off of work beginning next week. In fact, he’s taking an extra four days off instead of going back to work on Monday. We want to see how far we can get to completion of this picture. The new version of the Yurt scene is 100% improved. We liked it before but it was a bit rough and edgy (technically, not in the way we’d prefer). Now it’s smoother and more magical, the sound is tremendously improved and we have beautiful segues. We would undoubtedly have finished it yesterday or the day before if we had not had the snag of the software issue. We’re basically at the point where the narration part is over and FLAV converses with WISE GREY HAIRED MAN in an off the cuff manner. After that little dialogue bit, the scene is actually at a close. We’ll jump over Scene 3 which is the BIGFOOT/PASSY/CLAM/VIOLETZ Beach sequence– because we’ll need the new audio to complete that. We won’t have that until mid next week after a visit to Green Light Studios for a recording on a professional quality mic in a soundproofed booth. Scenes 4-8 don’t need much work, just a bit of green screen, we need to get the protestors audio for the background on a tv news clip for the walk-up of ACTIVISTS to the courthouse (we recorded all the individual voices for the PROTESTORS since we could not find one suitable audio byte after searching literally through multiple *hundreds* of pre-existing sound files). The performances were solid and we have the audio, it will be a couple of hours probably to get the appropriate section filled in. Scene 9 with the LUMBERJACK will require significant work to get the sound in. We have all the new audio clips to insert and it does not have any foreseeable obstacles that are very major, it’s mostly the art of sound editing to complete the scene. Then the last scene needs a green screen and a couple of digital fx in the post– that’s it.


We’re at the last of the task list for the motion picture post-production here, it’s taking off by itself and we’re feeling it! Dana is doing the best he can and is going to be doing a full court press until we’re done. We don’t want any more delays or distractions. Except for work at his job, there will be nothing else in the way. He’s not doing any book editing for now and is only going to the studio once to record a song for his upcoming acoustic singer/songwriter album, which is going to catapult him into some live sets around Portland just playing guitar and singing his songs. He’ll be doing one or two recording sessions with Green Light each month until the album is done, has all the songs to do two-four albums and is focusing on just one album of 8-12 songs, depending on what he feels like.


Dana did about 15 hours on the film yesterday and has other life business, thus is fairly frazzled but any chance to work on the film is being used. Keep updated by coming back to the site daily! We have a lot of interest from people who have heard of the film. Someone Dana talked with in Portland a few weeks ago said she knew about “Raiders of the Lost Clam!!!” and we’d like for the whole city then the world to know!