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June 12 2019 - SCI CO

June 12 2019

Posted by Dana Phelps

Dana has spent many hours struggling with some technical issues (not with the film itself but the software being used to edit it) for the Yurt Scene 2. He has resolved to actually upgrade to a better editor and has done the necessary things to do this, has the new editor now in place with the data already transferred.

We’ve had to halt editorial progress for the moment to include ourselves in a major Festival for a Distribution Prize–this would give us a team of experts to help us place the movie onto Netflix, Amazon Prime Channels and other major platforms! The Deadline is midnight tonight and we’re just barely going to make it. The festival requests a WORK IN PROGRESS only and they need the entire movie. Thus we have a good idea of the run time for this motion picture.


We have not included the CHAT MODEL segment within this rough cut for the festival submission but we do have a Run Time now of about 75 minutes with the end credits. We’ll be about this with an additional 60-120 seconds depending on the outcome of the additional segment.


We are right now rendering the movie file for uploading…