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Lift-Off Sessions Festival "Official Selection" - SCI CO

Lift-Off Sessions Festival “Official Selection”

Posted by Dana Phelps

The Lift-Off Sessions Festival has selected “Out of the Way” music video for final competition. This is not a final decision, meaning we could win the festival rather than winning only a “selection”!

This is Win 4 for SCi CO this year! Here is the music video. This video was made at the behest of Grammy Nominated Producer Craig Parker Adams who said ‘Dana, you need to make a music video and enter it into a contest’. Dana did that and this is what we got! It used one single home Cybershot camera and it was filmed in an afternoon.


Dana is now working on the film editing. He has rested and is recovering from his state of exhaustion. He is not feeling 100% but is definitely doing well enough for quality editorial work.

We forgot to get the Voice Over for the Bigfoot scene with PASSY on the beach so when Dana goes back into the studio for a music recording session next week, we will spend the time on the mic to get the performance down. Dana scheduled a recording session (already paid for) with Green Light Studios in Vancouver, WA to render “Illusion’s Enemy” on acoustic with a vocal. He is slowly building an acoustic song album, one song by one. We will have lots of time to get the VO for PASSY on the beach done. If Dana has to return to the studio to complete the song later, that will come second and the film comes first.


This is getting exciting with the Festivals! We are confident that when released, “Raiders of the Lost Clam!!!” can receive some accolades– particularly for the acting which is stellar. We have got some of the best acting on any budget, any platform by any studio!