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June 7 2019==Back to Work! - SCI CO

June 7 2019==Back to Work!

Posted by Dana Phelps

Dana has stopped his employment for the moment to take TEN DAYS off. This ten day hiatus is going to be dedicated to the movie editing tasks. He has been so exhausted that after two days of sleep with naps and proper rest, he is still feeling the effects of overwork and being unusually tired. It is improving, though and he is delving back into the film work tonight!

The incorporation move allows Dana’s earnings to actually go into a corporate account which will become assets of the business. This is to assist tax and accounting purposes as well as to be a direct application for costs for the business like entering film festivals. We will be able to pay for the festival entries, distribution expenses, DVD printing, ads on Facebook/Instagram and some limited radio/trade mag/websites for the film. All profits from the sales will go to SCi CO Enterprises Inc. The percentages contracted to be received by our cast and crew will come with an open accounting scheme so they can track their earnings and be paid by the corporation at probably quarterly or biannual intervals.

Here’s the new business card–