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Update June 3 2019 - SCI CO

Update June 3 2019

Posted by Dana Phelps

Dana worked in Green Light Recording studio today, Vancouver WA! We nailed

LUMBERJACK , EPSTEIN, PROTESTORS, PASSY, PATRON lines which were missing. The murder scene was a lot of energy. We replaced 100% of the audio for Epstein and Lumberjack. The Protestors were not possible to get a pre-existing sound file for after huge amounts of time and effort, so we just recorded on at a time and are putting them altogether. Passy only had one line needed and the Patron is the opening line of the film, again one line. Josh of Green Light was awesome to work with and we got 100% better results than is possible in Dana’s little recording environment. His is a professional grade studio which is used for movies, tv, etc. The results are outstanding! Dana had his energy up and got about 5 takes on average for each line. We’re ready to move on now.

Dana is looking at a one week off scenario for completion of this film, his medical health and some other stuff. That will likely be one week from Monday. In one week Dana expects to be done or as close as possible to being done with the film without help. It’s possible he will require a tutor/technical worker to help with the After Effects (video digital effects/corrections). Also, the Titling will probably take a little bit longer than within the week. But the content for the film itself should not take more than 12 hours a day for 7 days to get accomplished. The Titles, any issues with the After Effects stuff, etc. is all something that will be like putting tinsel on the tree, meaning it’s very sparse and small amounts of time to get accomplished compared with the editorial work. So we’re looking at pushing the film through to the end.

Though we’re not ready to plan logistically for the next movie, we want to clear the plate and get the time to move on. Dana is meeting with a ballet company for his music videos in late June. We’d like to be about ready to get this film out there by around that time. Dana is working about 75-80 hours a week right now at a regular job which is causing him serious exhaustion and stress. The money from this gig is paying for the recording time, any assistance for post production which is required, submission fees for the movie at festival release time, etc. It will be a few months before he is able to transition to a much higher paying job with less hours. In the meantime he may wind up working a low wage job in Vancouver but the schedule he is keeping now with this amount of labor is not going to be able to continue. He has determined it to be medically hazardous. The pay is very low for the amount of time and energy spent with the work.


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