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June 1 Update - SCI CO

June 1 Update

Posted by Dana Phelps

Dana’s work schedule is making it impossible to spend any time on the film editing at this moment. For this reason, he is preparing a week off from from to complete the film. One full week of working on the editing tasks will be enough to drive it home. This scheduling will occur within the next few weeks.


Dana is going into the recording studio next week to accomplish the voice overs which are missing from the movie sound files. At that point he will have all he needs in terms of sound files to complete the picture.

We do realize that this is a long stretch and we want to get this film out there as soon as possible. The work schedule Dana is living with right now is overbearing and exhaustive, will not continue for much longer. He is working to switch professions soon for a day job and it will eventually be a 40ish hour work week with about three times the pay. At that point, much investment will occur for SCi CO. We will also look to Distribute the movie.