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May 23 Update - SCI CO

May 23 Update

Posted by Dana Phelps

Dana is now working on the film before his other job, meaning he will use his morning mind and energy instead of after work. The job is exhaustive and taking more time/effort than is humanly possible to do as much as needed for the film on top of it. This job is not going to last, he is already working on other means for employment. It will be either today or within a few weeks that he switches to a new, more desirable situation. The next situation will definitely be a 9-5 schedule with weekends off– a lot more conducive to work on the movie.


GREEN LIGHT RECORDING STUDIOS in Vancouver, WA has now booked SCi CO Films for audio work! We are doing the protestor sounds (a group of protestors outside the courthouse…we spent maybe 6 hours trying to find suitable pre existing sound clips to match but it’s just not in existence, so we’re doing one voice at a time of the protestors, then merging them into a crowd sound). We are doing the EPSTEIN / LUMBERJACK murder sounds– this is enormously challenging as far as the acting since it is about a full minute of just black screen with murder/murderer sounds. It will be a huge acting job for Dana. By the end we will have the audio done. What we have for that scene as of now is only good enough as a sketch. It’s nowhere near good enough to release, and that is after … countless hours of work to get it perfect. We know what we want and will get it in the studio. Then we have a few LUMBERJACK lines from another scene (on phone with wife), some VOICE OVER / thoughts (Passy on the beach with BIGFOOT)…and that’s about it. Then we’ll have all the missing sound bytes for acting.


At that point, we’ll not have much else to do with this film but the digital post– green screen, titling, etc. We have had to wait on these tasks to get the final versions of each scene. That we are now over the CHOWDER BOWL Scene 1, after wrestling with that for inordinate amounts of time to confront and deal with the obstacles technically for the scene, we are freed up. The rest of the scenes are completely cut and ready with just some missing pieces of audio, rather than having to be reformed and recut for any reason. We’re finally honing in on the end game here, we’re doing very well.


Dana is earning with his job for the festival entires. These will run as much as $5000 for one year. Cannes, Sundance for example are several hundred each alone. There are so many festivals to enter that we still won’t get them all; but we will get as many as we can. We will spend the money to get our film into consideration. Also, the Distribution goals will require significant allocation of investment capital. This will be for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Crackle, Hulu, etc. There are many others. $1000 to just try getting onto one of these is considered fairly low. We need to make the money to spend it on these platform opportunities.


The momentum has begun to return for the film. It is definitely the forefront of Dana’s mind. There are no distractions such as book, music projects, etc. This is the only thing we really want to accomplish right now, meaning we’re motivated both artistically and financially as well as for scheduling to just GET THIS FILM DONE and out there, competing. It’s time.