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May 22 - SCI CO

May 22

Posted by Dana Phelps

Dana has been working 70+ hours a week at a job to finance some things for SCi CO. This has cut into his work efforts for the film. It was impossible to do even an hour as planned per day on the movie. At this point, he is structuring his schedule so that he can have 1-2 full and complete hours a day to work on the movie. Also, he is changing job situations. When the new work begins, it will be less hours with weekends off. Weekends will be dedicated to the film work. There is no book editing, no musical project, very little art production which will compete with the film editing hours. We are really enthusiastic with the completion at this point– it is getting exciting and we’re very very very close to the end. It will be worth it when we see 50+ festivals reviewing our work. “Raiders…” can win some awards, especially for its acting.


Since the recut of the restaurant scene, our spirits are high. Morale could not be better. The restaurant opening scene sagged a bit by comparison with all the other scene. It’s required about the same workload to complete as all the other sequences combined. We are satisfied with what we have on it now and are moving on to the creative content for EPSTEIN murder (which we’ve decided to book into Green Light Recording Studios to complete the Voice Overs for…since it is a black screen with voice and music, sound fx only for a solid minute during the murder scene and we did huge amounts of work to get it ‘there’ but it’s still not where we need it to be). That is the only remaining large challenge, which is far less work than the restaurant editorial labors.


Dana is going to cut off the other work hours for the 1-2 hours per day on the film staring today. The other job position will begin in 2-4 weeks. This will be a 10 hour a day position with weekends off, so a steady schedule. The remaining scene work is all done except for some very small levels of work. No recutting of the footage necessary, we don’t have sound masking, very little creative content, etc.


We’re doing great here and the momentum Dana has here is going work in our favor.