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May 16 2019 - SCI CO

May 16 2019

Posted by Dana Phelps


Added three music cues to STRANGE MAN.

Recut the video of the conversation between SM and RESTAURANT OWNER. It appears like we won’t have to cut their whole dialogue out as we’ve reworked it, removing a few of the lines. This makes it much faster and easier, more natural and comfortable as well as a whole lot funnier. We are now at the tail end of the difficult 30 second spot. The scene is 1000% better. It works very very well now. We are closing in on the end of this extremely challenging work. This feels great, it is definitely the improvement we were wanting and could not find before. This scene has taken inordinate amounts of work, especially compared with the other scene work but we’re having excellent results and are finally getting really happy with it. It is coming up to the level of the other scenes. We have tried dozens of variations for this piece of work and this is really a nice breakthrough to be seeing it coalesce with fresh comedy, new timing, much improved music/sound fx, overall flow. We couldn’t be more enthusiastic about the results.


We’ll be working more on it tomorrow and will very likely have this toughest scene done by the weekend.