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May 15 2019 - SCI CO

May 15 2019

Posted by Dana Phelps

Restaurant scene

Added laughter to STRANGE MAN, 2 music cues.


We are now 30 seconds away from being completed with this scene work! This is the point where we may cut the exchange with STRANGE MAN and RESTAURANT OWNER. This is where SM orders a strange meal. It might not be necessary to keep but if we do cut it, then it will now be between two extremely well cut pieces of scene work! We are finally happy with the restaurant scene up to this point. After the 30 second mark, PASSY and VIOLETZ leave. That is all good, we’ve got very little work to do there. We’ve trudged through the most difficult parts on this restaurant scene and are comfortable with everything but about 30 seconds. This is a triumph for us and very very encouraging progress.


We will continue to work on this at least a little bit once a day and very heavily once a week. This restaurant scene has taken about 5 times the work to get accomplished to this degree than any other scene in our whole film. The remaining work after this scene is very light by comparison, many of the tasks being largely technical. What we are doing right now is getting the sound to be finalized so we can send it off to our sound mixer for a final mix. That will give us the Quality Control grade we need and will bolster the overall production value inexorably. They say people ‘listen to movies’ and we go by that.