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MAY 13 2019 - SCI CO

MAY 13 2019

Posted by Dana Phelps

Dana started employment which severely cut back the number of available hours to work on SCi CO business. This was a strategic move to help finance projects for SCi CO, including distribution papers for this film. The job Dana is doing is grueling, long hours for not much pay but it’s getting the money there and leading to good things. He is going to change to a job with less hours, more pay and better hours in a couple of months. Dana has scheduled time to work on this movie every day. It took a lot of effort to settle into this new job during the last couple of weeks and there was little chance to do any work on the movie before now.


We are in a great place with the film. The Chowder Bowl restaurant scene has opened up! We were never 100% satisfied with the way the scene came together. We added the background JS Bach and the convo between V and P woke up. We’re replacing all of the sound cues for STRANGE MAN and are about half way through that now! This has totally reinvented the way the scene plays and it’s twice as good. We are into the hardest part of this scene now after huge amount of toil and conquering other obstacles. We can say that the background sound issues are covered up with the Bach and the scene flows much better.


Once we are out of this scene and onto the next, the main bulk of the remainder of the work is going to be non-creative content. We have some creative content for the EPSTEIN murder and only a tiny bit elsewhere. The rest will be polishing, fine tuning, mixing the audio and doing technical video work. It is much faster to do non-creative content. This is all very exciting because we are moving on this, making progress and breaking ground. We will really feel like we’re going forward to get somewhere on it.


Dana will have about 1 hour a day to work on the film with 3-4 hour days once a week at least. This may increase in a few weeks when new job training for employment begins because Dana won’t be working as much or as exhausted after the day. The new job will enable Dana to invest a lot of money into SCi CO! We want ads, management, we need some new recordings, we want promotion, press packaging, we need to print up the movie book and CD’s, etc. All of this money is going to be coming from Dana’s employment with some grant writing.


We’ve worked a lot to get to this point of being on a steady schedule with the film again. Also, we’ve sacrificed to get the money for various things concerning this business. And we’re doing more to get more investment, more stability, more hours and labor into this film. We want to be complete with this movie within 6 weeks– that’s the current goal because of our employment schedule and the amount of hours needed to complete this film.


We’re meeting with a ballet company and some talent for the Bach in Socket music videos. We have a costume being developed and makeup. We have the location. That is all being setup. We would prefer to have. “Raiders…” done or mostly done before working at all on the music videos.


The best thing to report here is that the restaurant scene is a lot more ‘there’ and we’re more than 50% through it now, we’re looking great. It might be done by this weekend! We have a checklist for all the remainder of the work to be accomplished. Also, the discovery that we can go into the recording studio to do the missing ADR/voice over lines from this movie is hugely relieving. We worked with Josh at Green Light Studios for a voice over on Dana’s ‘National Federation of the Blind’ music jingle/ringtone and realized that we could track all the necessary sound bytes in Vancouver! This will make things streamlined for the last touches on voice overs. There’s maybe a dozen or so little places, much more if we use original stuff for the EPSTEIN murder (most likely will).

This is the final push on this film– we’re getting back into the mode for production here, are earning every second we spend and every cent we put in! Things have not been better. Very very close now