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May 7 2019 - SCI CO

May 7 2019

Posted by Dana Phelps

We added some JS Bach piano recordings to the restaurant background sound. It livens it up and brings the whole chemistry with the pair of lovers to a human level. There was something missing before and that’s definitely what it was. We’re making use of JS Bach inventions to foreshadow the use of our Bach in Socket recordings for the SLICK PRODUCER scene. The addition of the Bach in the background has also eliminated a lot of the issues the sound editing has problem areas with which are unnoticeable to general audiences but present for quality control. This is a big boost to the scene and a bit of a breakthrough overall for the opening moments.


We’re re-tracking some synth for the STRANGE MAN to be identified with. The warbled sound fx of theremin like origin and modern synth were not quite getting where we wanted to with the scene. By blending the JS Bach with some new synth tracks we have gotten back to a good balance. It makes sense for the scene so far.


This is the most challenging scene left on the film.We want it to be solid and up to par with the rest of the work in the picture. The only other rather major work for us is in the creative content for sound of EPSTEIN’s murder. That may require a visit to the recording studio for voice overs, which we have planned for many minor moments. We’ll do them all in one session then move on.


We don’t have any time to waste and this film is priority number one for us. We’re past a certain obstacle in the opener here which is a relief for us. We want to complete this one then move on. Each scene is being polished to the point where we can release it with all segued.


We are producing Bach in Sockets first music videos in a month or six weeks or so. This will be a one day shoot and lots of editing. We want to have the movie as close to release as possible by that time so we can can focus on the music video at that point. Dana is working full time at a job and has hours dedicated per week for the video editing. We’ll be very pleased to see this movie completed.