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Ap 26 - SCI CO

Ap 26

Posted by Dana Phelps

The opening restaurant scene is being worked and re-worked. The progress made on it is great but we’re getting closer to ‘game time’ here and SCi CO wants to really polish this to a sparkle. We’ve replaced the first line with new audio (said by a patron of the restaurant), adjusted the atmospheric background chatter some more, have done a bit with the editing and are again re-working the music / sound fx of the STRANGE MAN intro. We possibly will cut out about 30 seconds of his placing an order with the RESTAURANT OWNER depending on how successful we are with new sound fx. The feedback on the scene before was hearing things like “it’s better than a lot of movies on Netflix” or “this is good”. Dana has not been satisfied. It’s taking a lot of extra work to get this particular scene over the bar. We’re going to keep pushing until we have a grand slam on this scene.


Some good news on the POLICE/FBI BEACH ENTRANCE dialogue! We will not require a third ADR session to replace bad dialogue and we won’t need to waste more time or money on trying to save the original in-camera audio. Our engineer has let us know that the indoor sounding audio that we recorded our actors with can be adjusted to make it into outdoor sounding lines. This is a huge relief. We have wanted to save this scene instead of cutting it out because it has a lot of good one liners, helps segue the plot and it possesses a certain magic. It wouldn’t be as easy as cutting out some or all of the little exchange between the RESTAURANT OWNER and STRANGE MAN, for example. There’s very few parts in this film we’re entertaining any cuts with.


There will be new work done everyday on this film until we’re done. It’s the main focus of Dana’s work who is busy with many other things but is getting time each and every day for this project. We want to get this out as soon as humanly possible but won’t sacrifice to get it out sooner.