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April 23 2019 - SCI CO

April 23 2019

Posted by Dana Phelps

So it’s been about four years and one month since we started shooting. Dana has been assaulted, had major issues with housing such as bullying stalker neighbors, has relocated to first Portland than Vancouver…major setbacks and still we’re in good shape. This makes the final work all the sweeter for SCi CO Films!


We are working on the last polishing of all the clips for each segment right now. Ashleigh Elferring and Kevin Taylor are invited to do an ADR session with Green Light Studios in Vancouver to save our beach scene with the cops and FBI. This is because it’s just been impossible to salvage the audio clip we had from in-camera sound that day. The module failed on us for that location so we couldn’t get the quality microphone working. It’s been worked on by our producer in Hollywood and we had an expert take a look at it. Craig in L.A. did his best but it was not enough and the judgement by the pro on Voice Over work is “just do ADR– you cannot use it, no way!”. This is with the top industry software, used by BET network on cable and an ace in the field. So we’re asking Ashleigh and Kev to come in. This is a bit expensive for us at this point but well worth it since the scene is so very good and we want to keep it in there rather than cut the whole thing for just some bad audio which can be easily redubbed. We did do an ADR session once but it doesn’t sound outdoors and we want it to be right.


The chat model sequence is extremely rich. We put a lot of work into that with outstanding talent. We got the sex appeal we wanted for the marketing strategy and a lot of humorous new content. It is working to separate the audience from the plot of the film for a moment so we can suck them back in for the finale. The last sequence needed a bit of air cleared in order to go over and it’s working nicely. We have new TV News backgrounds and excellent audio.

There’s some challenged portions of the film but so far those insiders who have seen it are saying ‘it has good sound’. We want perfection, so somewhere in between will be nice! We’re excited and proud that “Out of the Way” the music video from Burlington, VT which Dana made in an afternoon with the mother of the model on the set hitting the ‘record’ button for us competing with $50k budgeted music videos which had cranes, steadicam, multiple directors of photography, full crews, wardrobe and make up. We did very well for our $0 music video! We did not win the award but can say that we are exalted in our confidences. We feel that “Raiders of the Lost Clam!!!” can achieve some success on the festival circuit.


Also, SCi CO Films has been investigating the distribution end. It’s costly and no guarantees but there are a lot of hopeful avenues for us. We have selected a partnership for the distribution process though we are not announcing the name of their outfit as of yet. When we submit to Netflix, Amazon Prime movies and other major platforms, it will be with a team of experts who get major deals for much higher budgeted productions. This is where the percentages for our cast and crew will be rewarded because any deal we get there will pay — and keep on paying. We had some things to learn about this situation and are encouraged rather than let down, though there are hard realities to face about the submission process. It’s very expensive to deal with the distribution method but will be worth it.


SCi CO Films is working with Northwest Classical Ballet and Dance Fusion Northwest for talent on our “Bach in Socket” and ballet music videos. Jennifer Troy of Portland is doing the wardrobe and Kate Vincent is our make up artist. Kate may also wind up doing our new poster for “Raiders of the Lost Clam!!!”.


Dana composed a piece for the Federation of the Blind Vancouver, WA chapter which has been accepted as their official jingle and Ringtone!