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Shoot with Joey Darke - SCI CO

Shoot with Joey Darke

Posted by Dana Phelps

Today we got the second model for the Internet/Phone Chat Model on Cable TV ad segment produced! We worked with the very popular local talent Joey Darke who was insanely good.Though she’s never acted before in her life (is primarily a nude model with a huge portfolio of tasteful and artistic nudes), her acting was incredibly on point. She is charismatic, gorgeous and beautiful like the day is long and funny. She was so natural that we got the work done in less than an hour!? Crazy good! She didn’t even memorize the lines, she just nailed them by being prompted one by one.


Our second talent Elora Null is coming back this week or next for a re-shoot. We wanted a better background and improved lighting, we had to update our sound settings a bit. We were a bit rusty (thought it came out well we want even better). Things are coming together for this production, we’re wanting to get this published and start to see the public’s reaction.

Dana is up for an award in a major film festival in L.A. for his music video “Out of the Way” next month. We will be very curious to see what kind of festival attention we can get for “Raiders…”. We’re in the home stretch now and things are looking great!


Here’s a sneak peek of the lovely and luscious Joey Darke: