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Update Jan. 19 2019 - SCI CO

Update Jan. 19 2019

Posted by Dana Phelps

We’ve had to do some major stitch work in the restaurant scene to make the sound fluid. It had some extremely challenged issues and we managed to mask, do some things to really make it smoother, seamless. The sound we had to work with initially was extraordinarily difficult in their circumstances and we feel lucky to be in good shape before the sound engineering with professionals later who will refine, touch it up. This is the most difficult scene in terms of sound and we did some refinement of the video cut to make the sound work, which ironically did improve the pace, flow overall of the scene. We’re going to be getting a boost to the overall quality of the sound later and before we get to that stage wanted to have as polished a product as possible. We’re in good shape now but it was a struggle and it’s still not the most ideal sound situation. It does work and we’ll push for some cleanup later with it to make it spit polished shiny.


The conversation with VIOLETZ and PASSY was also cleaned up . We feel it’s quite fun and has some good punchy one liners. The sound editing led to an improvement of the dramatic content there as well. The conversation with the RESTAURANT OWNER and STRANGE MAN is the roughest audio spot in the whole film, we are very glad to have improved this. The reason we did the sound polishing is that we’re going through After Effects work to blur a few faces, thus the sound is improving in the right places. We’re in fair shape here but it is going to help to have some real experts going over the sound with some software to bring up what we like and help the rougher patches with some attenuation.

We also recut the video slightly of PASSY and VIOLETZ exit! There was a choppy bit of STRANGE MAN which was excised then we did a bit to the exterior sequence of the two lovers on their way out. It’s a big big improvement and there’s a new opportunity for a laugh there with the new presentation. Overall it’s a real breakthrough for us. This scene was lucky for us to get in the first place and we’ve got something which works now, much better than before. We tightened up the edit and glossed up the sound, did a bit of digital movie magic with the shot, then added the music (below).

We are adding some music here which was not present in the previous cut, it’s going to be ballet form from some of Dana’s musical sculpture work. The music does fit beautifully.