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Update Jan 18 2019 - SCI CO

Update Jan 18 2019

Posted by Dana Phelps

Well it’s barely midnight so technically we’re Friday the 18th! SCi CO’s is making progress. We’re in talks with a modeler to render our 188 sculpture designs. Also, Dana is learning After Effects ins and outs to get the video post a bit more succinct while polishing sound for the moment on the scene in question. We’re working on the opening restaurant scene which has the most challenged sound in all of the movie footage. This is because we had room sound with a full house of patrons there in the background and we cannot meld between takes easily. It’s required a lot of masking and careful editing to sculpt fluid sound for the lines. This is really delicate with precision timing and some finesse on the leveling (volume attenuation). We’re doing very very well and the polishing is getting more laughs out of Dana. For example, we had to mask a line after VIOLETZ speaks and it led to a much bigger bit of comedy so we’re happier with the scene. It’s definitely getting better.


We’ll be working into the early morning and again tomorrow, we’ve got nothing but work on SCi CO projects to do at the moment. With “Shuke’s War” out of the way for the moment since the 3rd draft has been completed, we’re focusing our strength on the film project. We’re getting a bit more organized with the project and are amped about making money, releasing to audiences who can enjoy the piece. This is about polishing up the sound until we’re really at the maximal level it can be. We’re using the amount of time it’s taken to our advantage for our movie to mature and it’s definitely improving things.